Weekly Scheduler

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Weekly Scheduler is a feature that let you play media files and playlist at given time on selected days.
You may use a Weekly Scheduler in conjunction with other schedulers available in Sprintbit Media Player, in that case Weekly Scheduler will control the playback of other schedulers


To open its window click on the open Weekly Scheduler button located at Main toolbar > Tools tab  > Schedulers group

The window is divided into following parts:


Toolbar that is grouping some general commands that you can use to work with scheduler


Lists Collection & Navigation Bar
A collection of your lists with items to play and commands used to work and manage all lists
Each list may include unlimited number of items to play
List & Navigation Bar
A collection of items to play from one loaded list, commands used to work and manage one list's items


To turn the Scheduler On or Off check the Turn Scheduler On button located on the right side of the window

If On (a button at toolbar is checked) the timer is started.  If Off the timer is stopped.