Mini Media Player

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If you want to play and work with other programs on your computer you can use Mini Media Player.

This is an another media player we built-in, but it have the interface that allows you to listen to music or watch video with minimal use of desktop space

This player can be opened in a standalone window, while the other software windows will be hidden.





Playback start button. Starts the playback of selected file.
To start the playback select a file in Playlist or File Browser and click the button to play.

Also you can start the playback by simply selecting a file and hitting on Enter key on your keyboard.



Pause the playback


Stops the playback.


Previous Next

Play previous or next file from a selected playback source.

If you have previously started playback from:

File Browser, then player will look for a file to play in the File Browser.
Playlist, then player will look for a file to play in currently selected playlist.



Mutes the audio sound


On Top

Here you can set the player window to stay on the top of all windows or not.



Folds or unfolds the player window, if folded then only basic controls are visible



Playback order options. here you can choose how the files listed on a media player list will be played

Single File

Plays selected media file one time only.

Play In Order

Player will play all files in the order they appear on a list of files to play.

Play At Random

Instead of playing the files in the order they appear on the list. Player will select a file at random to play


The playback of current file is repeating until is manually stopped


Time Display:

Left time display showing the current playback time position
Right time display showing how much of time has left




Left slider controls the playback volume
Right slider control the playback current position



A playlist is embodied into this player main Media Player but with some buttons disabled.
Here you can select files to play.



Video screen  is embodied into this player main Video Player
Fit video screen mode is by default set to Fit but you can use context menu to change it.
To display context menu click right mouse button when mouse is over video screen background.


File Browser

An embodied into this player File Browser

Here you can select files to play.