Internet Radio

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How to play Internet streams

There are two main types of Internet stream:

Broadcasting streams
Sound files available on a web site


Broadcasting streams

Internet radio is a broadcasting service which transmits one or more sound streams via the Internet.


When playing stream software will download  the stream into a buffer quietly in the background.

How often the stream is going to be buffered that depends on your internet connection speed.

On average DSL 256KB/sec the playback is continuous without any additional buffering.

Many radio stations supply streams for dial-up modems and broadband separately.


How to get the Internet stream address:

Search the internet for radio stations, whenever on the radio station web page you will see a "Listen" or similar buttons that starts the stream then:

1.Move your mouse button over such button or link.
2.Click right mouse button
3.Click copy shortcut
4.Paste your shortcut into a text box at Play Audio Stream window or paste directly into a playlist.



1.Please be aware that the full Internet stream address should have the .pls extension in order to play with our software

for example:

You can use also an IP address for example

2.   Address should be valid and start either with http or ftp


Sound files available on a web site

Playing a sound file from a web site is very similar to loading a broadcast stream however our software will have to download

the file to your computer first and then start the playback.



How to setup the playlist of streams.

Our software allows to create a playlist for the streams.
Step by step instruction how to create a playlist for this purpose:


Create new playlist

1.On the main software window select Playback page and then from Players menu click the Internet Playback.
2.Enter the desired data in the dialog window and click Add  button to add new item to playlist.


Use the Add button again to enter another stream data to playlist.